Saturday, August 18, 2007

Princess Diana Death: Blogger Becomes Latest Victim!

Princess Diana Murder: Blogger Latest Victim In Conspiracy Plot?
In a startling new twist to the already very convoluted plot and mystery surrounding Princess Diana's death a blogger whose theme was none other than Princess Diana was killed while jogging by a hit and run vehicle! So far police are still collecting evidence from eyewitnesses.

At this point the police state there appears to be no evidence for premeditated murder or foul play as suggested by close friends and colleagues who opine that this was no mere hit and run!

Documentary Video: Who Killed Princess Diana?

If An Event Is Replete With Overwhelming Coincidence It Is No Longer Such But Rather Conspiracy!

Machinations Of A Paranoid Mind!
Please allow me to apologize for the inaccuracy of the above's nothing more than a fabrication! Here's the reason why...actually there is no good reason but I got the idea from a Newsweek edition ( I think it was Newsweek not Time magazine that had a totally false headline on the cover page that screamed "Terrorists Target School Buses!")

It was only when one read the article within that you got to know that the article was a "What If" and not a reality; I thought that was very irresponsible for a magazine of Newsweek's caliber to purposefully mislead the public in such a manner but you must admit it was very effective in attracting readers!

My goal with above "Police Investigation" above was to keep the faithful of this blog on hold until I could muster enough steam to explain why for all practical purposes there are not going to be any more sizzling posts highlighting why Princess Diana's death was more likely murder than accident!

Besides as a conspiracy theorist you betcha I believe such a hypothetical scenario could easily become a reality...So it's time for me to pass on the torch to someone else. This blog had gotten to the point where the next slew of articles would have been trespassing in very dangerous territory indeed!

If you really want to know more about what happened the night Princess Diana died there are a host of excellent books covering the conspiracy angle such as Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence (the book that ultimately opened my eyes to the vast number of inconsistencies and little publicized facts that made the assassination angle the most reasonable theory!)

And what's more, despite the fact that Princess Diana has been dead for 10 yrs with the anniversary of that event coming up on Aug 31, 2007, recent polls in England indicate that more than 40% of the public do not buy the accident scenario! Those numbers which appear to have climbed in recent years could make some of the plotters jittery even though there really isn't reason to be...

I doubt the truth will out any time soon!

There's far too much confusion surrounding Princess Diana's death (and ongoing covert obstruction to exposing the truth) for there to be any meaningful future investigation! But ultimately it was Google's decision to arrest the progress of this blog that has made me call it quits!

Although I do believe that Princess Diana was murdered I don't think that the truth will ever come out (at least not in the next 100 years) and this blog was an exercise in SEO to see if I could get it to page one of Google by the 31st!

I chose the subject matter because I knew as a conspiracy theorist (plausible conspiracies mind you) I would be impassioned enough to follow through! but once Google pulled the plug there really is little point in continuing:


Although this blog is substantially composed of material that can be found elsewhere on the internet its distinguishing factor is that I have aggregated in one location controversial material that lends strong credence to the notion that Princess Diana's death was not an accident but rather murder. As I just mentioned, more than 40% of the British public now believe that Diana's death was not a simple accident!

Google Banned Its Spider From Crawling This Blog
There is little point in me killing myself as this blog has been prevented from climbing up the search engine index pages anymore! And just when this 1-month-something blog had attained page 22 in Google's index for the keyword term Princess Diana! Once I got to page 22 on August 12th I knew that it was very very possible for me to make page one of Google for the same keyword by August 31st! but as I said, since Google manually restricted its googlebot from crawling this site as of August 14th my traffic has slowed considerably and my site is no longer going places on the search engine indexes...well at least on Google! (Read About It Here).

I will also take Google's Action (wrong as it is seeing that this is no spam site) as an omen...Let Sleeping Dogs Lie! If Google does "release this blog" from time to time I will be adding more content but of a far less controversial nature.

Here's The Post That Got Me "Banned"

Surprise...Surprise! Once the 31st August rolled in the Googlebot mysteriously started crawling this blog again! I guess I should be thankful for small mercies and it goes to prove I haven't lost my mind yet...or my head!

However more importantly I just stumbled across a video of an MI5 agent explicitly stating that Princess Diana was killed. Here's the link: Sorry...the link has mysteriously been relocated (surprise surprise huh?)