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Princess Diana Death: Blogger Becomes Latest Victim!

Princess Diana Murder: Blogger Latest Victim In Conspiracy Plot?
In a startling new twist to the already very convoluted plot and mystery surrounding Princess Diana's death a blogger whose theme was none other than Princess Diana was killed while jogging by a hit and run vehicle! So far police are still collecting evidence from eyewitnesses.

At this point the police state there appears to be no evidence for premeditated murder or foul play as suggested by close friends and colleagues who opine that this was no mere hit and run!

Documentary Video: Who Killed Princess Diana?

If An Event Is Replete With Overwhelming Coincidence It Is No Longer Such But Rather Conspiracy!

Machinations Of A Paranoid Mind!
Please allow me to apologize for the inaccuracy of the above's nothing more than a fabrication! Here's the reason why...actually there is no good reason but I got the idea from a Newsweek edition ( I think it was Newsweek not Time magazine that had a totally false headline on the cover page that screamed "Terrorists Target School Buses!")

It was only when one read the article within that you got to know that the article was a "What If" and not a reality; I thought that was very irresponsible for a magazine of Newsweek's caliber to purposefully mislead the public in such a manner but you must admit it was very effective in attracting readers!

My goal with above "Police Investigation" above was to keep the faithful of this blog on hold until I could muster enough steam to explain why for all practical purposes there are not going to be any more sizzling posts highlighting why Princess Diana's death was more likely murder than accident!

Besides as a conspiracy theorist you betcha I believe such a hypothetical scenario could easily become a reality...So it's time for me to pass on the torch to someone else. This blog had gotten to the point where the next slew of articles would have been trespassing in very dangerous territory indeed!

If you really want to know more about what happened the night Princess Diana died there are a host of excellent books covering the conspiracy angle such as Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence (the book that ultimately opened my eyes to the vast number of inconsistencies and little publicized facts that made the assassination angle the most reasonable theory!)

And what's more, despite the fact that Princess Diana has been dead for 10 yrs with the anniversary of that event coming up on Aug 31, 2007, recent polls in England indicate that more than 40% of the public do not buy the accident scenario! Those numbers which appear to have climbed in recent years could make some of the plotters jittery even though there really isn't reason to be...

I doubt the truth will out any time soon!

There's far too much confusion surrounding Princess Diana's death (and ongoing covert obstruction to exposing the truth) for there to be any meaningful future investigation! But ultimately it was Google's decision to arrest the progress of this blog that has made me call it quits!

Although I do believe that Princess Diana was murdered I don't think that the truth will ever come out (at least not in the next 100 years) and this blog was an exercise in SEO to see if I could get it to page one of Google by the 31st!

I chose the subject matter because I knew as a conspiracy theorist (plausible conspiracies mind you) I would be impassioned enough to follow through! but once Google pulled the plug there really is little point in continuing:


Although this blog is substantially composed of material that can be found elsewhere on the internet its distinguishing factor is that I have aggregated in one location controversial material that lends strong credence to the notion that Princess Diana's death was not an accident but rather murder. As I just mentioned, more than 40% of the British public now believe that Diana's death was not a simple accident!

Google Banned Its Spider From Crawling This Blog
There is little point in me killing myself as this blog has been prevented from climbing up the search engine index pages anymore! And just when this 1-month-something blog had attained page 22 in Google's index for the keyword term Princess Diana! Once I got to page 22 on August 12th I knew that it was very very possible for me to make page one of Google for the same keyword by August 31st! but as I said, since Google manually restricted its googlebot from crawling this site as of August 14th my traffic has slowed considerably and my site is no longer going places on the search engine indexes...well at least on Google! (Read About It Here).

I will also take Google's Action (wrong as it is seeing that this is no spam site) as an omen...Let Sleeping Dogs Lie! If Google does "release this blog" from time to time I will be adding more content but of a far less controversial nature.

Here's The Post That Got Me "Banned"

Surprise...Surprise! Once the 31st August rolled in the Googlebot mysteriously started crawling this blog again! I guess I should be thankful for small mercies and it goes to prove I haven't lost my mind yet...or my head!

However more importantly I just stumbled across a video of an MI5 agent explicitly stating that Princess Diana was killed. Here's the link: Sorry...the link has mysteriously been relocated (surprise surprise huh?)

Princess Diana: Memorial Service Turns Into Circus

Princess Diana Memorial: Friends Are Out Enemies Are In!
Poor Princess Diana, even in death she can't get a break from the royals! The memorial service scheduled for the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death is fast becoming a platform to settle scores! Perhaps the biggest bone of contention is the fact that many of Princess Diana's closest friends have not been invited while several persons the late Princess detested have indeed made it on the guest list.
Somewhat surprisingly out of the 500 or so people thus far invited, many of them never even knew her at all! The fact that only 500 seats out of 700 will be filled is testament to the acrimonious atmosphere surrounding the impending memorial service.

The Enemy Within

1. Camilla Parker Bowles
The attendance of HRH the Duchess of Cornwall otherwise formerly and best known as Camilla Parker Bowles is the thorniest issue so far. Prince Charles is sticking to his guns and insisting that Camilla must and will be by his side at the service. Apparently Charles is the only person on planet earth who thinks that Camilla's attendance is a good thing…and he still harbors hopes of being King one day!

The Queen wise and full of wisdom as ever went as far as to suggest that Camilla should find herself fortuitously unwell on that day!

Charles obsession (everlasting love?) with Camilla was the catalyst and reason that the marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles failed. As Diana once wryly put it: hers was an overcrowded marriage of three!

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Princess Diana Blog Falls Foul of Google!

Princess Diana Blog: Google Joins The Conspiracy
Okay this post doesn't really have anything to do with Princess Diana but it certainly has to do with this blog. Besides I'm in the process of aggregating new information pertinent to the topic of this blog and for now most of my sources have run dry or a merely duplicating information that can be found elsewhere on the web.

Anyway let me get to the gist of this post!

Google Lies About Impartiality
You're probably thinking that this is just another sour-grapes loser blogger blaming anybody but themselves for their failings! And who the heck am I to question the infallibility of the Great Deity Google?

Be that as it may, but I believe my gripe is justified and here's why...

About six days ago this blog debuted in the Google SERPs (search engine results pages) on page 53 (postion 521-530) and then the very next day it had climbed all the way to page 22 (position 215 or thereabouts) which wasn't bad at all for a blog that was less than 2 months old!

Added to that, the Googlebot was regularly crawling this blog on a daily basis; this I attributed to the fact that I was adding plenty of original content almost daily and working on quality inbound links (which as is the norm these days undergo an incubation period before Google recognizes and fully attributes their value to the destination page).

Something Strange Happens!
My blog that had debuted on page 50 and accelerated to attain an all time high of page 22 on the Google SERPs suddenly dropped right off the Google universe of known search! In the blink of an eye this blog went from 22 to nowhere fast!

So what's Google's beef?

I believe that Google is manually manipulating results ,which actually they admit to doing in the interests of accuracy warranted in such scenarios as weeding out well-optimized spam sites, but that surely is hardly the case here!

This blog has original content and a good flow of traffic, certainly not the hallmarks of a URL that should be penalized! On the other hand I will admit that this is a substantially optimized blog so there is the possibility that the Google algorithm has flagged it for over-optimization (I thought SEO over-optimization was a failing of yesterday's simple search engine scripts...but I suppose I could be wrong.)

Googlebot Reprogrammed Not To Crawl Blog

Here's my smoking gun:

The Googlebot (for reasons best known to it and the folks at Googleland) ceased crawling this blog altogether on the 14th of August! The inexplicable deceleration of the Googlebot crawl rate to absolute cessation (notwithstanding the fact that I'm posting sizable original content on a daily basis) leads me to believe that the bot has been manually re-scripted to restrict its crawl rate of this site (at this point it is not crawling the blog at all) which resulted in my Princess Diana Blog falling right off the SERPs!

Click Here To View Blog's Debut On Google

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Princess Diana Death: The 13th Pillar And Whispers Of Satanic Rituals

Princess Diana Crash: Smash Into The 13th Pillar
During my research concerning the crash that killed Princess Diana I have come across several sites and books mentioning satanic ritual activity and the Royal House of Windsor in the same breath! One thing did strike me as odd though...the fact that the Mercedes in which Princess Diana was killed slammed into the 13th pillar!

Sure this is the 21st century not the 18th century where witchcraft, superstition and the unexplained reigned supreme, but just because society has modernized considerably that doesn't rule out the fact that plenty of folks in this day and age still believe and indeed practice pagan rituals that were popular not so long ago.

The English Monarchy is apparently steeped in secret societies such as the Freemasons and the rather more sinister and less well known Illuminati!

There are plenty of sites covering the subject of The Illuminati some of them bordering on the downright preposterous! (Alien hybrids etc...but you never know? These days Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction!)

Anyway far fetched as some of these satanic ritual allegations may be, I am a student of the school of thought that states There Is No Smoke With Out Fire and for that reason I shall add my very own two cents and some on this issue of royalty, satanism and bloodlines!

TO BE CONTINUED! First time here? Click the links to your right to read completed posts.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Princess Diana And The Prince Who Would Not Be King!

Princess Diana's Son William Vows Never To Be King!
Prince William shocked his father and the Queen when he declared that he doesn't want to and will never be king and will happily concede the honor to younger brother Prince Harry! The Queen was furious and told her son Prince Charles to snap his wayward son in line.

Prince William has never forgiven The Windsors for the way they treated his mother and has never accepted the official story that she died of an accident. William was 15 when Princess Diana died so it is more than likely that she confided her fears of assassination to her eldest son.

These days whether Prince William believes that his mother was murdered or not is anyone's guess, but four years after her death he certainly did not buy the tragic accident story. On the eve of the fourth anniversary of her death, as he knelt by her final resting place he swore to bring her killers to justice! The prince had confided in a number of friends that he had to do it for his mother.

As she was pretty much scorned by the rest of the royal family, Princess Diana must have confided a lot of her dreams and fears to her oldest son, and that burden must weigh heavily on his shoulders. When he made the pledge to Princess Diana that he'd never rest until he found her killers, William took action by hiring an investigator from MI5 another spy branch of the British Secret Intelligence Services.

The man he hired is retired from the MI5 and came highly recommended. The investigator was highly placed within the agency and had access to very sensitive data, and most importantly never bought the story that Princess Diana's death was an accident!

One aspect that always nagged Prince William was how come that night of all nights Princess Diana wasn't wearing her seatbelt! He of all people knew how obsessive his mother was about wearing seat belts, even when wearing formal gowns that would have been even more uncomfortable with a seatbelt on. Princess Diana extended her obsession of wearing seatbelts to her sons, insisting they alway put them on!

Several investigative journalists have since determined that the seatbelts in the Mercedes in which Princess Diana died were all tampered with save for the one that saved Trevor Rhys Jones!

More On Prince William Hiring MI5 Agent To Investigate Princess Diana's Death

Monday, August 13, 2007

Princess Diana Death: An Interesting Turn Of Events!

Princess Diana Crash: All Roads Lead To The Embassy!
As the white Fiat Uno screeched away from the scene of the crash in the Point d'Alma tunnel, hot on its tail was another white car, a Mercedes. The getaway of both these cars cuaght the attention of Gary Hunter, a London based lawyer who was in a room on the 3rd floor of the Royal Alma Hotel. In his own words this is what he ahd to say: "My own feeling is that these people were in a hurry not to be there. I am confident that car was getting off the scene. It was obvious they were getting away from something and that they were in a hurry. It looked quite sinister."

Why Didn't The Fiat Uno Speed Away Along The Freeway

As the two cars sped away they did a most unusual thing. Instead of hightailing it as fast as possible along the freeway and putting as much distance between themselves and the wrecked Mercedes S280 in the tunnel, they executed a high speed tire-screeching turn to proceed along rue Jean Goujean!

A Straight Path To The British Embassy!
Interestingly enough that u-turn the two vehicles made put them on the fastest and shortest route from the Point d'Alma tunnel to the British Embassy located just six blocks away! But why would fleeing suspects head in, what for all intents and purposes, appears to be an illogical direction?

Contingency Plan In The Event Of Vehicular Damage.
Undoubtedly the brains behind the road traffic assassination of Princess Diana must have considered the possibility that any of their cars involved in setting up the crash might incur damage during execution of the faked accident. In the event that happened they'd obviously have set up a contingency plan, which may explain why the Fiat Uno was headed in the direction of the British Embassy.

If, as much circumstantial evidence suggests, MI6 was involved in the murder of Princess Diana then it would make perfect sense for the damaged Fiat Uno to seek refuge at the British Embassy until The Heat (police activity) had simmered down! That would be the last place that anybody would think of looking…at least for a while until inconsistencies started cropping up.

Fiat Uno Found By Al Fayed Investigatory Team
The Fiat Uno was eventually located by Mohamed Al Fayed's (Dodi's dad) private snooping. Where the full might of the French authorities had failed, Mohamed Al fayed succeeded…but I guess unlike the French police Al Fayed was highly motivated and it didn't hurt that he had very deep pockets to reinforce that motivation!

The Fiat Uno had been repainted and was up for sale at the time it was located. The car had indeed belonged to soon-to-be-murdered paparazzi Jean-Paul Andanson at the time of Dodi Fayed's and Princess Diana's death. Although French police had questioned Andanson about his white Fiat Uno early on in the official investigation, they were soons satisfied that his was not the car involved in the crash.

The French police's quick elimination of Andanson as a suspect was all the more surprising because Andanson had embarked on some pretty suspicious movement around the time of the crash and his only alibi removing him from proximity to the crime scene was a gasoline purchase receipt reflecting that he was in another part of France at the time of the accident.

Forensic evidence of paint scratch traces irrefutably put his white Fiat Uno at the scene of the crime!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Princess Diana Death: Some Very Disturbing Coincidences!

Princess Diana Crash: A Series Of Puzzling Coincidences!
Why Was Tony Blair's Flight To Meet Princess Diana's Body From France Scheduled 2 Days Before She Died!
Prime Minister Tony Blair was scheduled to be flown from his constituency in Sedgefield to London to meet the body of Princess Diana on its arrival from France in the aftermath of her death in August of 1997. What was rather puzzling was why the flight crew of the flight had been on standby to make that very same flight two days earlier on Friday...before Princess Diana had even died!

A week prior to the crash in the Point d'Alma Tunnel the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) strangely conducted a dress rehearsal funeral for a member of the royal family. Who could it have been for?

It is possible that it could have been for the Queen Mother, but at that time she was not ailing and in fact was in robust health for someone of her years and went on to live for another five years before her death in 2002.

This intriguing "coincidence" was covered in Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence an excellent book written by investigative reporters Jon King and John Beveridge!

Why Was A Regular Wireless Operator At British Embassy In Paris Booted From His Post Minutes Before Princess Diana Left The Paris Ritz Hotel?

The weekend of Princess Diana's death a spokesperson at the British embassy in Paris cliamed that staff there were unaware that the princess happened to be in Paris. YEAH RIGHT! Why then was a very senior Royal Courtier seen at the embassy half an hour before the crash!

The senior courtier seen at the embassy a bare half hour before the crash (according to what appears to be a very credible witness) was none other than Sir Robert Fellowes (currently Lord Fellowes) private secretary to the Queen and brother-in-law to Princess Diana. Lord Fellowes is married to the late princess' sister, Lady Jane Fellowes.

Lord Fellowes has been described as a man totally devoted to the monarchy and the Queen and in the graphic words of a senior British politician he is a man who well understands that the description of his duties entail him to "throw himself in front of the bullets before they hit the Monarch!"

In the words of constitutional expert Vernon Bogdanor, the position of Private Secretary to the Monarch is `one of the most important posts in the British system of government and a mainstay in the institution of constitutional monarchy' and must `guard the constitutional position of the sovereign.'

Lord Fellowes possessed all the characteristics and qualifications necessary to excel as Private Secretary to the Monarch. As Labor politician Harold Laski put it:

"he must know all that is going on; he must be ready to advise upon all. But he must never so advise that he seems to influence the decision taken by the Queen in terms of the premises of his own thought. He is the confidant of all ministers, but he must never leave the impression that he is anybody's man. He must intrude without ever seeming to intrude.

He must learn how to deflect the lightning from others. He must be able to carry the burden of her mistakes. He must not know the meaning of fatigue. Receiving a thousand secrets, he must discriminate between what may emerge and what shall remain obscure ...It is a life passed amid circumstances in which the most trifling incident may lead to a major disaster."

Coincidentally, the weekend that Princess Diana died, deputy Private Secretary Sir Robin Janvrin was on duty because his superior Sir Robert Fellowes had taken the weekend off. Subsequently in the investigation covering the death of Princess Diana Lord Fellowes was asked to account for his whereabouts that weekend.

His response was that he was at his Norfolk estate in England with his wife and most certainly not in Paris!

However the wireless operator on duty at the British Embassy that weekend has an entirely different recollection of the matter:

What The Wireless Operator Witnessed On August 31, 1997

Apparently a few minutes to midnight, on August 30th, 1997, the regular wireless operator at the British Embassy in Paris was booted out of his office (the communications room which relayed and handled encrypted messages between the embassy and various sensitive locations within the UK).

Sworn to The Official Secrets Act until 2000 (hence his silence), the wireless operator in question had the following astounding recollection about how events unfolded that night:

A few minutes to midnight, two well-spoken public school types (takes one to know one) burst into the communications room and ordered him to vacate the room and not return until otherwise informed to the contrary!

Years later he angrily identified one of the men who kicked him out as follows: "It was that b*****d Fellowes. He turfed me out of my own office. He was in Paris the night Diana died!"

Read The Actual Article As Printed
In The UK Newspaper The Daily Mail

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Princess Diana Death: The MI6 Connection!

Princess Diana Crash: MI6 Busy From Dusk Till Dawn
The night that Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana and Henri Paul were killed in the Point d'Alma tunnel in Paris there were several high level MI6 Officer stationed at the British Embassy who were listed as diplomats. However the British Embassy categorically denied the presence of said MI6 officers in Paris on the weekend of August 31, 1997!

But the fact of the matter is that both MI6 and the British Embassy in Paris were very very busy little bees that night!

Paparazzi MI6 Operative Was An Assassin!
Jean-Paul Andanson, the paparazzi who owned the white Fiat Uno that hit Princess Diana's Mercedes and whose body was found burned in a charred wreckage of an abandoned car with a bullet hole neatly drilled to the head was a member of UKN. The UKN is a covert section of MI6 that is comprised of a group of journalists and paparazzi who enable MI6 to surreptitiously keep tabs on the activities of VIPs.

Judging from Jean-Paul Andanson's activities on the night of August 31, 1997, his particular job description went way beyond surveillance of targeted individuals and incorporated a more hands on a approach! Strong evidence in fact suggests that Andanson was an assassin in the employ of at least one intelligence organization!

Four French politicians were discovered dead shortly after being visited and photographed by Jean-Paul Andanson. One of the more prominent deaths in which Andanson was implicated was the alleged suicide of former French Prime Minister Pierre Beregovoy by bullet to the head. Of course take a guess who had recently paid a visit to the former prime minister before he committed suicide...that's right, none other than yours truly Jean-Paul Andanson!

At the time of paparazzi Andanson's death the closed investigation of the alleged suicide of Pierre Beregovoy had been reopened due to the violent deaths of three other French politicians that had some connection to the scandal consuming then French President Francoise Mitterrand. Whether Andanson was definitively linked to those deaths and that scandal is undetermined, but what is known is that he was affiliated to various intelligence organizations and his white Fiat Uno was in the tunnel at the time of the crash that killed Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana and Henri Paul!

Henri Paul Was MI6's Star Informant
Strong evidence suggests that Henri Paul was a double, if not triple agent (or at any rate informant)! According to Richard Tomlinson, the former MI6 agent who was hounded and harassed by that very same intelligence organization for implicating them in the murder of Princess Diana, Henri Paul was undoubtedly an informant for MI6. Tomlinson discovered this super-sensitive information while working in 1992 in the Eastern European Controllerate of MI6.

What caught Tomlinson's attention about this particular informant was the fact that he was of French nationality; it is rare that British Secret Intelligence Services (MI6) are able to recruit the services of a French national (definitely no love lost between France and Britain). Henri Paul's apparent affiliations with intelligence agencies were not restricted to MI6. He was reputed to be an informant for Mossad as well as the DGSE; where his true loyalties lay, one can only wonder?

With Henri Paul As An Asset MI6 Knew Every Little Detail About Princess' Diana's Movements That Weekend!
As head of security at Mohamed Al Fayed's Ritz Hotel in Paris Henry Paul was privy to the innermost details of security enveloping Diana and Dodi that night. As an MI6 informant he was able to convey Princess Diana's and Dodi Fayed's plans to his handler. He was also strategically positioned to install bugs and other listening devices in their suite.

Henri Paul as an MI6 informant would explain how the plotters knew beforehand that Diana and Dodi would take the tunnel route (with a little help of course). Eyewitness, producer Jacques Morel stated that he saw several figures loitering in the tunnel in single file pressed against the wall moments before the crash. Morel and his wife entered the tunnel from the opposite direction and in the opposite lane to the one that the Mercedes carrying Diana and Dodi was traveling.

Those men he saw were probably the assassination clean-up crew and support team (why else were they lurking at the dead of night (past midnight) in a most unusual location...a fume filled tunnel of all places!

In fact as an MI6 informant Henri Paul could well have been the individual responsible in convincing Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed that it was best if they left the hotel. Why else would they have risked running the gauntlet through a posse of hungry and snarling paparazzi all over again? Perhaps Henri Paul was contacted by his MI6 handlers earlier that evening and promised a sizeable sum of money if he could convince Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed to leave the Ritz Hotel using a decoy motorcade set up so that the previously stolen Mercedes S280 could be introduced into the picture with its clandestine modifications. The large amount of cash found in his pocket at the time of his death could have been a down payment for his activities.

As head of security at the Paris Ritz Hotel, Henri Paul was uniquely positioned to convince Diana and Dodi that it was best to leave the Ritz because security had been compromised. Since they had no idea Henri Paul was working with the enemy, Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed would have had no reason to doubt him!

Whatever their reason for leaving the Ritz Hotel that night (it could have simply been that they wanted to celebrate out on the town), the fact remains, thanks to Henri Paul's clandestine activities, every move that Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed made was known to MI6!

Henri Paul's Motives
Henri Paul never had a clue that he was about to die that night. Why else would he accept money if he was aware that he was never going to spend it? He was probably driven by good-ole-fashion greed (which may explain the multiple affiliations with the different intelligence agencies…bigger payday) and probably did not know that his activities were endangering Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.

MI6 probably convinced Henri Paul that their activities were to ensure the safety of Princess Diana and that by doing as they requested not only was he making their task a lot easier he was also helping to protect the Princess of Wales! Henri Paul would have had little cause to disbelief them. They were, after all, the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS); surely they couldn't be planning to harm the mother of the future king of England? Little did he know!

Henri Paul probably first realized that he'd been misled by MI6, and that in fact his passengers were indeed in danger, as the Mercedes approached the tunnel. Before the entrance to the tunnel there is an exit which aso happened to be conveniently blocked by a vehicle thus negating the option of avoiding the tunnel. It was at this point that a vehicle in front of the Mercedes started weaving and braking dangerously forcing Henri Paul to downshift and overtake it thereby putting the Mercedes in the left lane, exactly where the plotters wanted it!

As the Mercedes pulled away from the Ritz Hotel on th night of the crash, CCTV security footage quite clearly showed that Trevor Rhys Jones was not wearing his seatbelt . So when exactly did he put it on and why did he put it on?

As to why Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed did not wear their seatbelts…well the reason may coincide with why that particular vehicle was stolen (Merecedes S280) . The vehicle had been stolen and tampered with a few weeks before the crash, and some of the things the plotters modified were the passenger seatbelts.

They made sure that an avid seatbelt wearer such as Princess Diana (yes…she would even put her seatbelt on when adorned in an elaborate ballroom gown) would not be able to wear a seatbelt that night; neither would Dodi Fayed! As for Henri Paul...well he was out of luck too! For reasons unknown the airbag on his side of the car did not inflate on impact!

In fact the only interior safety features that functioned in the Mercedes S280 that night were located in the front passenger side of the car. Trevor Rhys Jones despite being seated in the position most associated with crash fatalities was the only person to survive the crash because he had his seatbelt on and the passenger side airbag inflated when the Mercedes slammed into the pillar!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Princess Diana Death: Trapped In A Web Of Spies!

Princess Diana Death: Caught In The Spotlight of 5 Intelligence Agencies!
At the time of her death Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were being monitored by no less than five intelligence agencies which included the following: MI6, NSA, CIA, Mossad and the DGSE! Why such intense interest by so many intelligence groups?

It is alleged that Mossad, the much vaunted Israeli intelligence agency was responsible for snatching the Mercedes Benz S280 that was involved in the crash, for the sole purpose of rigging it up for the crash. There're also whispers that Henri Paul was an asset of theirs, allegations that Mossad have never bothered to refute. (Note though that silence in this business does not necessarily symbolize guilt because quite often it's a case of damned if you do…damned if you don't! So in this particular case if Mossad had denied Henri Paul as being an informant of theirs there was sure to be a chorus of voices claiming such a denial was tacit admission to the fact!)

Whether it was MI6 or Mossad who snatched the Mercedes a few weeks before the crash is a moot point at this juncture, however strong circumstantial evidence suggests that the car was tampered with so that it could be remote controlled when the time was necessary and that a small explosive device was installed which would be triggered at the right time (the detonation of that device might be the explosion that several witnesses claim to have heard immediately after observing a blinding flash (strobe light?) just before the Mercedes slammed into the 13th pillar.

Why Would Israel Be Interested In Diana?
Israel had every reason to be concerned about Princess Diana for the very simple reason she was set to marry Dodi Fayed who so happened to be an Egyptian and a Muslim no less! Furthermore Diana was increasingly becoming a voice to be reckoned with in international politics and had in fact been nominated for a Nobel Prize for her campaign to abolish land mines.

The Israelis naturally harbored fears that Princess Diana would meddle in Middle Eastern politics in much the same way that she did with the land mines campaign (which by the way angered certain factions in "democratic" western nations that on the one hand condemn the violence of wars in third world regions like Africa whilst on the other hand, do their best to stoke such conflicts so they can sell their arms! (America is the biggest arms producer in the world! Those arms are produced for profit not altruistic reasons, so they need wars to fuel the sale of those arms! There's an interesting film about that subject starring Nicholas Cage entitled "Lord of War.")

It is very likely that Princess Diana egged on by Dodi Fayed could have brought a shift in perspective and focus on the plight of the Palestinians, spotlighting a harsh, cruel existence ironically reminiscent of the Nazi camps; a reality that is little reported by the much of the mainstream western media and something that Israel very much did not want the world to know! (which may explain why they so often "accidentally" shoot reporters and fire on U.N. troops).

The General Directorate of External Security is France's foreign intelligence service and superceded the SDECE. It is nigh impossible that the logistics of this plot could have been achieved without French intelligence cooperation from the highest levels.

Such cooperation may explain why a few minutes prior to the Diana crash all police channels in Paris went inexplicably silent. This would also explain why the Paris Chief of Police was perplexed at why the ambulance transporting Princess Diana from the crash was taking so long to get to the hospital but more so at the reason why nobody could inform him of the ambulance's progress and whereabouts! (Looks like the normal French police were largely left out of the loop and only informed on a need-to-know basis.)

But perhaps the strongest factor suggesting French Intelligence involvement was their silence in the face of the avalanche of accusations emanating from Britain in the aftermath of Princess Diana's death. France and Britain have been centuries old rivals (France supplied Argentina with the deadly and very effective exocet missile against Britain in The Falklands War) and it is more than likely that French authorities (DGSE in this case) would have gone well out of their way to discredit MI6 had they not been part of the plot...or at the very least they would have made a super-concerted effort to bring those responsible to justice if for nothing else than to absolve the French authorities for any perceived mismanagement of the investigation!

The NSA (National Security Agency) of America has in its possession over 1050 secret electronic transcripts covering eavesdropped intercepts of Princess Diana's phone calls and conversations retained from other electronic bugging devices!

It is not unusual for friendly secret service agencies to share intelligence on subjects of interest and in fact routinely MI6 makes requests of its bigger and more powerful cousins to keep an eye on British Royalty traveling abroad ostensibly for the royal parties own safety. However the extent of international intelligence surveillance of Princess Diana in the final months of her life far exceeded the norm. Certainly the amount of data that the NSA and CIA had on her was way beyond routine.

It is speculated that one of the motives behind Princess Diana's assassination was her campaign to ban land mines which have had a truly devastating toll on children in Africa (maimed limbs). Though most of the responsible conflicts are long over thousands of unexploded mines still kill, injure and maim people everyday in those regions!

When Princess Diana approached and got a firm assurance from President Clinton to enact a bill that would abolish the United States involvement in the trade of land mines, that move was likely the final nail in the coffin that sealed her death. She now had very powerful enemies across both sides of the Atlantic! By getting Bill Clinton to publicly state that he was going to take action against America's involvement in the trade of land mines she had angered the very powerful American arms cartel that includes very prominent right wing political families in America.

In fact immediately following her death, President Clinton did an about turn on his promise to see a bill through that would abolish the trade of land mines. But the damage was already done and President Clinton was not going to be allowed to get off so easily either.

As the rest of world watched on in sheer incredulity at the absurdness of the spectacle, the events to impeach the most popular and successful American president of the last 40 years dramatically unfolded! What should have been nothing more than a domestic issue was quickly turned into a national issue of gigantic proportions.

What most of the American public didn't know was the impeachment move was being spearheaded by a right wing faction to remove a meddlesome democratic President from interfering with their new world order agenda! (That right wing faction included some of the same people who helped propagate the lie about WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq to justify the war)

So you can bet that if those individuals went after President Clinton in the manner they did, they certainly had no qualms aiding and abetting in the assassination of Princess Diana.

Diana's anti-land mine campaign for which she had been nominated a Nobel Peace Prize was in direct conflict with the huge trans-global arms business (America as the biggest arms producer in the world is its center) and its consequential manufacture of wars in regions where they can test and sell their arms at great human loss but enormous profit! Such regions include Africa, The Middle East and South America!

Princess Diana's murder and its subsequent cover up could and would never have happened had it not been orchestrated by the British Secret Intelligence Services, in this case MI6! That said, the faction in MI6 responsible for her death would never have taken action had they not been authorized from some one very high up in the monarchy...and no that does not mean the Queen!

I have never believed that the Queen was involved in Diana's death and in fact contrary to public belief in the wake of Princess Diana's death, the Queen's actions were the strongest indication that she was not privy or part of the plot! People complained that the lack of any public display of anguish or sympathy for Diana's death from the monarchy was tantamount to an admission of guilt or complicity in her death.

I think it was the exact opposite! If the Queen had been involved she'd have gone out of her way to show how saddened she felt by the princess' death and thus dispel any whispers of involvement. Besides she also warned Princess Diana's former butler (in a protective manner for his own good as opposed to a threatening manner) with the words "There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge."

But the fact of the matter is the Queen played it the way she saw fit and in the manner in which she was brought up, which with hindsight proved to be far removed from the expectations of the England of the day! Let's not forget that the Queen grew up in an era not known or long forgotten to many of us!

Summary: MI6's involvement in this convoluted conspiracy is quite substantial and thus rates a post all of its own and will indeed be my next post!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Princess Diana: The Politics Behind Her Murder

Princess Diana Murder: Who Was Behind It?
The question of who killed Princess Diana is best answered by considering who might have gained from her death. People who never bought the accident-at-the-hands-of-a-drunk theory tend to favor the House of Windsor as prime suspects for the dirty deed and indeed when one considers their hand in obstructing the investigation into what happened on the night of the accident they certainly pose as a well-qualified suspect!

But the truth is there were several other parties who stood to gain from Princess Diana's removal from the international stage too.

(To Be Continued...if this is your first visit you may wish to read complete earlier posts found under the title: Blog Archive to your right)

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Princess Diana Murder: Tale Of Two Spooks Who Dared To Cry Foul!

Princess Diana Death: Intelligence Agencies Turn On Their Own!
Former MI6 operative Richard Tomlinson for several years now has been hounded by the very same agency that he dedicated his life! Why? Because he dared to voice dismay and disgust at some of their methods and policies namely those of assassinating foreign heads of state and other dignitaries.

A Spook's Life
Richard Tomlinson was employed by MI6 from September 1991 to April 1995. By all accounts his was an exemplary career in MI6. He was part of a highly successful and complicated mission to smuggle nuclear secrets and advanced soviet weaponry out of the then disintegrating Soviet empire.

Tomlinson was also involved in another vital and hugely successful mission that involved deactivating a criminal organization that was attempting to smuggle chemical weapons into Iran! So with all this success under his belt why would MI6 get rid of him? After all it costs a bucket load of money to train an agent of Tomlinson's caliber!

No Place For A Straight Arrow
The Intelligence Business by its very nature is an ugly business. There are no rights or wrongs, no absolutes of black or white, only unending shades of gray! If one wishes to be truly successful at this kind of business then it's best to park your scruples and conscience outside before you step in. Why? Because absolute loyalty is a must and somewhere along the line you're going to be asked to do something ugly and evil!

Something like kill innocent people, bump off democratically elected heads of state and if necessary kill off a few kids to boot! This kind of business as you can see has no time or place for morality. With all that sordidness flying about it is absolutely imperative that the public never ever get to know the "price of their freedom"; that's why revelation of national secrets by a government agent falls under treason and at its most severest is punishable by death!

Fired For Not Wearing A Tie To Meet War Criminal!

Ostensibly the main reason that Richard Tomlinson was fired was because he failed to wear a tie to a meeting with Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic. Seems a somewhat lame excuse to fire a top asset like Tomlinson don't you think? Truth of the matter is Tomlinson was fired because of what he knew and his objections to some of MI6's methods.

While still working as an MI6 operative in civil-war torn Yugoslavia in 1992 Tomlinson became privy to assassination plans to bump off President Slobodan Milosevic by faking a car accident!

Plot To Kill Slobodan Milosevic By Car Accident
The plan most favored with which to do away with Slobodan Milosevic involved arranging his limousine to crash in a tunnel using a strobe light to blind the driver. The location of the tunnel was strategic in that its narrow confines would greatly enhance the fatality rate and also an added bonus was that a tunnel would reduce the number of unwanted eyewitnesses!

Does any of this sound vaguely familiar? Hmmmm...hang on isn't that the exact scenario for the Princess Diana crash!

The assassination plot to kill Slobodan Milosevic via car accident never proceeded but such a scenario was kept on the back-burner for future use. What was more pressing for the MI6 Big Dogs was what to do with operative Richard Tomlinson. His apparent distaste for assassinating foreign leaders (even one as reprehensible as Milosevic) was most worrying indeed; it proved that he was an asset who could not be relied upon!

The Diana Issue Becomes Top Priority
By 1995 it had become evident to the British security apparatus that it was no longer a matter of "IF" but "WHEN" Princess Diana was to be killed! She was more than a thorn in the crown's side and the blasted woman had really become a downright nuisance!

Little known to the British public MI5 and MI6 allegiance is more so to the monarchy than the British government! Routine surveillance of royal personage is standard for their "apparent" protection. Communication between the Royal Household and MI6 usually goes through the Foreign Office concerning requests such as threat assessments for Royals traveling abroad.

This service incorporates the expertise of friendly intelligence services such as the CIA and NSA amongst others, to place members of the Royal Family under discrete surveillance ostensibly for their own protection.

However there are less official channels of communication between the Royal Household and MI6. Richard Tomlinson had come across such unofficial channels between select highly placed MI6 officers and senior members of the Royal Family. Tomlinson had also come across an MI6 French informant who worked as security at the Ritz hotel in Paris. Subsequently he identified this informant as none other than Henri Paul, Head of Security at The Paris Ritz Hotel owned by Mohamed Al Fayed!

Princess Diana Assassination Is A Go!
With Princess Diana branded as a loose cannon and getting more and more out of hand as far as the British Royal Family was concerned, her hooking up with a Muslim with the intent to marry was absolutely the final straw for them! The woman just had to go! Furthermore with the extensive surveillance on Princess Diana it is certain that MI6 were well aware of Princess Diana's pregnancy and impending marriage plans.

What is more they also knew of her plans to announce it to the whole world on the very day she was killed!

However before the assassination plan could be set in motion MI6 had to get rid of that morality-stricken and troublesome operative Richard Tomlinson. If he had considered the assassination of a mass murderer (President Slobodan Milosevic) repugnant who's to know where he'd stand when it came to the assassination of a much beloved British Royal? Who's to say what kind of meddlesome problems he could cause?

Tomlinson Had To Go!
The man knew way too much about the assassination technique that was eventually employed and besides he'd been privy to data that made him quite knowledgeable about several of the players involved in the plot!

Nope! Best thing was to fire him and pray that he kept his mouth shut. And if not,well goddamn it...this was MI6! With the full might of the British empire behind them (at least what's left of it) how hard would it be to contain one former operative? If he insisted on raising a ruckus he'd be duly dealt with!

Well Tomlinson got the boot and so did Princess Diana, her case though was more permanent! As for Richard Tomlinson when he heard of Princess Diana's death he had little doubt that MI6 were involved and he thus felt a moral obligation to present what he knew to the subsequent inquiry into the crash headed by Judge Herve Stephan.

And that's when his real problems began...
Click Here To Read Richard Tomlinson's Affidavit

The Strange Case Of Oswald LeWinter
Oswald LeWinter was a career CIA agent who was recruited into the agency during the Vietnam War. Much like Tomlinson, LeWinter grew disillusioned with The Agency (CIA) and was soon branded as rogue agent or a renegade.

In April of 1998 Al Fayed's chief of security John McNamara (a former Chief Superintendent of Scotland Yard) met Oswald LeWinter in Austria. The purpose of that rather clandestine meeting was for McNamara to review some highly classified documents that LeWinter claimed to have in his possession. The documents that LeWinter claimed to have were secret CIA files that proved Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were murdered and did not die in a simple car accident.

According to Le Winter the files proved beyond any shadow of doubt that driver Henri Paul had been poisoned and that the Mercedes had been tampered with. Unlike Tomlinson however, who was driven by a moral obligation to reveal the truth, LeWinter expected a payday. He asked for $20, 000, 000 dollars if Mohamed Fayed wanted the documents.

However before the transaction could take place LeWinter was nabbed by the FBI in Austria. Subsequently word filtered to the public that LeWinter had been nabbed while attempting to peddle forged documents!

However that story doesn't quite ring true? First of all the FBI was way out of its jurisdiction, to be making arrests in a foreign country and why would they go to such lengths to to recover documents that were supposed forgeries. The truth of the matter is that LeWinter was given a choice: concede that the documents he had were forgeries and he'd only be charged with fraud. If he didn't play along then they'd slap him with the whole nine yards...high treason for the theft and intent to disseminate highly classified information!

Naturally Oswald LeWinter played along especially when the subject of his family's safety cropped up! He was eventually sentenced to 24 months in an Austrian prison.

In a sworn testimony, LeWinter stated that the documents presented at the time of his arrest as evidence against him most certainly were not the original documents he'd left in his room prior to his meeting with John McNamara, Al Fayed's chief of security!

Oswald LeWinter's Statement

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Princess Diana Death: A Parade Of Patsies

Princess Diana Assassination: Not The Usual Suspects
No self-respecting assassination plot is complete without a cast of patsies and this one is no different. This plot in fact has more than its fair share of patsies! The word paparazzi became common language after August 31, 1997, the night that Princess Diana was killed.

From the moment Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed arrived in Paris from Sardinia on August 30, 1997 they were harassed by an unusually aggressive breed of Paparazzi! One dark car in particular, filled with "paparazzi," weaved, swerved and braked recklessly and dangerously in front of their limo as Dodi and Diana were ferried from the airport.

Thus a precedent was being set for what was to come later that night leading up to the crash. In all likelihood that car and those men in the car were not paparazzi but rather security agents (intelligence agents) setting a pattern of behavior that would stick in everyone's mind thereby reinforcing the impression that it was the paparazzi who caused the crash!
Another strange coincidence (and certainly not the last) was that there were no British journalists entrenched within the ranks of the paparazzi that night in Paris. It's not as if Princess Diana's and Dodi Fayed's plans were a secret; which begs the question, were the British journalists warned to stay away? After all photos of Princess Diana commanded a hefty price so it would have been very much in the interest of those journalists to have been in Paris with the rest of the pack that weekend.

Parade of Patsies
Multiple eyewitness accounts from individuals in the tunnel at the time of the crash differentiate the main pack of the paparazzi from the two vehicles that appeared to work in tandem to cause the crash. These two vehicles, a powerful motorbike ridden by two riders and a white Fiat Uno were hot on the tail of the Mercedes prior to its entry into the Point d'Alma tunnel (the Fiat Uno was actually ahead of the Mercedes as if waiting in ambush) and they also happened to be way ahead of the other genuine paparazzi vehicles!

Thus by all accounts the real paparazzi were not in the tunnel at the moment of the crash! But they certainly made a very convenient and believable scapegoat or in any other language…patsy!

Paparazzi Frenzy Fest!
It is a well publicized fact that several persons took photos of the wrecked Mercedes and its occupants in the initial aftermath of the crash. Could some of those callous journalists have actually been security operatives (intelligence agents) who'd been loitering and mingling with the other paparazzi much of the day of August 30, 1997? The former Chief Superintendent of Scotland Yard, John McNamara, who was appointed by Mohamed Al Fayed to head an investigation of the crash confirmed from security camera footage from that night were indeed British and other foreign intelligence operatives mingling with the crowd of paparazzi.

Police Confiscate Crash Photos Supposedly Out Of Concern For Family Members
French Police wasted no time whatsoever in confiscating all photographs and other footage of the crash scene. The basis for their actions was apparently out of concern for the emotional trauma it would cause the relatives of the crash victims. But was that really their motivation; certainly it was quite convenient for the public to think so but what if there was another more sinister ulterior motive? Perhaps they were making sure that there were no loose ends left, like compromising photographs that could contradict the official account!

A Rash Of Press Agency Burglaries
Evidence tending to support the ulterior-motive angle is amply illustrated by the spate of similar burglaries that happened within hours of the crash. As things turned out, it so happened that not all the photos of the crash scene were confiscated by the French Police. Time is money, and nowhere is that adage as true as in the celebrity photojournalism business. Thus it really wasn't too surprising that some images of the crash got to London before the French Police and other security agents could get their hands on them. But ultimately it made little difference because London happened to be the plotters' backyard.

Just hours after the crash photojournalist Lionel Cherruault had his home burgled following a contact from a fellow journalist concerning photos taken of the crash in the Point d'Alma tunnel. Another photojournalist was to suffer the same fate too; Darryn Lyons had his London photo lab broken into the very same day that he received emailed images of the crash from French photo agent Laurent Sola.

What Was On The Photos That Could Not Be Allowed To Become Public?
While Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana were getting killed, the other decoy vehicles (a Mercedes S600 in which they'd been traveling all day and an escort Range Rover) had proceeded via another route to Dodi's apartment. When they got there, Dodi's other bodyguard (Kez Wingfield) and regular driver (Philippe Dourneau) heard of the crash and immediately rushed to the tunnel. Wingfield proceeded to call Dodi's father in London and informed him of the crash while Dourneau went to check on the wrecked vehicle and its occupants.

Dourneau's assessment of Princess Diana's injuries was that she had hurt her legs but otherwise appeared fine! There're also other witness accounts that largely contradict the official account, in that Princess Diana was not as badly injured as was made out. In fact many of the paparazzi claim that the Princess was sitting up and conscious after the crash at the time they took photos.

Could the fact that Princess Diana was not as critically injured as has been widely reported have been the real reason why the plotters were so frantic to get their hands on all photos?

Enter The Fallback Patsy!
Much in part to the numerous contradictory eyewitness accounts, it soon became clear to the plotters that pursuing the paparazzi-as-the-cause-of-the-crash angle was a lost cause. The grieving public simply wasn't buying it! It was time to move on to the fallback patsy, a scapegoat that turned out to be much more readily accepted by the world at large!

After several days of being held incommunicado the arrested paparazzi were eventually released but with strict warning not to talk or to publish any photos about the Diana crash if they valued their careers and lives! Like many a witness in this conspiracy, those journalists have largely kept quiet out of fear that they may wind up dead!

So who was the fallback patsy? The driver Henri Paul of course! The plot claims that he was a chronic alcoholic who happened to be heavily under the influence of booze the very night of the crash. Unfortunately for the plotters that theory too doesn't hold water (Read about Henri Paul alleged drunkenness here) and there only hope now is that their biggest ally of all (time) will not fail them!

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Princess Diana:Killed Because She Was Pregnant?

Princess Diana: Was Her Pregnancy Reason For Illegal Embalming?
Over and over again the establishment have gone to great lengths to assure the public that Princess Diana was not pregnant with Dodi Fayed's child at the time of her death. It has to be right because they said so and anyway it was widely stated as such in the press and on TV. And we all know how so very accurate information from the TV is not so? (I'm being sarcastic in case you haven't caught on).

But what if the story of her having not been pregnant is just another lie disseminated by the perpetrators? It is known that the day before she and Dodi were killed they were very excited about something. In fact despite widely acclaimed denials from those who would benefit from keeping such information hidden, Dodi Fayed had already bought Princess Diana a ring!

The intelligence agencies were well aware of this fact! On August 21, 1997 Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed left London for a cruise on the Cote d'Azur aboard Al Fayed's luxury yacht The Jonikal.

Picking Out A Ring And Excited Over Pregnancy
It was during this cruise that Dodi and Princess Diana gave their bodyguards the slip when the yacht anchored off Cap Ferrat in Monaco. Whilst ashore and having given their bodyguards the slip, they picked out an engagement ring at the Repossi Jewelry Store in the Hermitage Hotel, leaving instructions that it be forwarded to the Repossi Store in Paris for collection the next week.

The intelligence agencies were well aware of this and knew that time was running out. If they were going to assassinate Princess Diana and fake it as an accident the window of opportunity was fast shrinking. They had to strike soon before Dodi and Diana announced their engagement and her pregnancy thereby giving a very strong case for murder in the event they both met with an untimely death!

Diana herself had informed reporters the day before her death (August 30, 1997) that she had a big that would rock the British Monarchy to the core! Could that big surprise have been that she and Dodi were about to get married or even more startling that not only was she about to marry Dodi Fayed but that she was pregnant with his child!

Was Princess Diana Illegally Embalmed To Cover Up Her Pregnancy?
After the horrendous crash in the tunnel one of first people on the scene to assist the injured princess was a doctor (not affiliated with the authorities) who said that Princess Diana kept mumbling something while at the same time rubbing her abdomen. Could Diana have been trying to bring attention to the fact that she was pregnant and that the status of her baby should be checked?

The body of the Princess of Wales was illegally embalmed several hours following the announcement of her death at 4.00 a.m. on August 31st, 1997! The embalming took place at 2 p.m. on 31 August 1997, a process that took about two and a half hours.

The embalming procedure was at the behest of Sir Michael Jay, the British Ambassador in Paris who relayed specific instructions to Madame Coujard of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Paris that Princess Diana's body should be embalmed! It is of significance that there was no such request to have Dodi Fayed embalmed!

Why Was Embalming Princess Diana Illegal And What Purpose Did It Serve?
According to French Law (Codes of Territorial Authorities) before an embalming may take place authorization must be obtained from the mayor of the region in which death took place or the location in which embalming was to proceed.

There are various stipulations and requirements stated within "The Codes of Territorial Authorities" that must be met before an embalming can legally take place in France. One that has particular relevance in the embalming of Princess Diana states the following requirement: " A certificate from the doctor authorized to certify death, confirming that there are no legal reasons why this procedure cannot proceed."

Yet get such authorization was given by the attendant physician who signed the death certificate!

In fact according to Doctor Bruno Riou, the on-call emergency anesthetist who was part of the surgery team that attended and tried to resuscitate Princess Diana when she finally arrived at the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, he specifically signed a certificate that declared there were medical and legal reasons why embalming of Princess Diana should not proceed! Those reasons were on account that the princess' death was due to an "accident" as opposed to natural causes!

In spite of Dr. Bruno Riou's legal certificate opposing expeditious embalming of Diana's body pending further investigation, for reasons unknown the procedure still went ahead! It should be noted that Dr. Bruno Riou was the physician who officially pronounced Princess Diana dead at 4.00 a.m. on August 31, 1997.

Embalming Princess Diana Would Have Hidden All Trace Of Her Pregnancy!
The only conclusion that one can possibly arrive at is that persons unknown went to great lengths to ensure no autopsy was ever conducted on Princess Diana. Why? How about the fact that an autopsy and blood samples from the princess' body would have revealed beyond a shadow of doubt that Diana was pregnant!

And that was something the people behind her assassination could never allow because then it would lead the entire accident scenario into completely new territory...that of murder and conspiracy!

The embalming procedure was an insurance policy!
If ever an autopsy or pregnancy test was conducted after embalming had taken place the embalming fluid within Diana's body would return a compromised result. On the off chance that a pregnancy test was conducted and came back with a positive results the plotters could scientifically argue that it was a false positive result due to the embalming fluid and not to a true pregnancy.

As for the reason for the embalming? It was something along the lines that Princess Diana's body was being preserved so that she could be viewed and given a final farewell (closure?) by the grieving public!

Princess Diana Murder Plot