Friday, August 17, 2007

Princess Diana Blog Falls Foul of Google!

Princess Diana Blog: Google Joins The Conspiracy
Okay this post doesn't really have anything to do with Princess Diana but it certainly has to do with this blog. Besides I'm in the process of aggregating new information pertinent to the topic of this blog and for now most of my sources have run dry or a merely duplicating information that can be found elsewhere on the web.

Anyway let me get to the gist of this post!

Google Lies About Impartiality
You're probably thinking that this is just another sour-grapes loser blogger blaming anybody but themselves for their failings! And who the heck am I to question the infallibility of the Great Deity Google?

Be that as it may, but I believe my gripe is justified and here's why...

About six days ago this blog debuted in the Google SERPs (search engine results pages) on page 53 (postion 521-530) and then the very next day it had climbed all the way to page 22 (position 215 or thereabouts) which wasn't bad at all for a blog that was less than 2 months old!

Added to that, the Googlebot was regularly crawling this blog on a daily basis; this I attributed to the fact that I was adding plenty of original content almost daily and working on quality inbound links (which as is the norm these days undergo an incubation period before Google recognizes and fully attributes their value to the destination page).

Something Strange Happens!
My blog that had debuted on page 50 and accelerated to attain an all time high of page 22 on the Google SERPs suddenly dropped right off the Google universe of known search! In the blink of an eye this blog went from 22 to nowhere fast!

So what's Google's beef?

I believe that Google is manually manipulating results ,which actually they admit to doing in the interests of accuracy warranted in such scenarios as weeding out well-optimized spam sites, but that surely is hardly the case here!

This blog has original content and a good flow of traffic, certainly not the hallmarks of a URL that should be penalized! On the other hand I will admit that this is a substantially optimized blog so there is the possibility that the Google algorithm has flagged it for over-optimization (I thought SEO over-optimization was a failing of yesterday's simple search engine scripts...but I suppose I could be wrong.)

Googlebot Reprogrammed Not To Crawl Blog

Here's my smoking gun:

The Googlebot (for reasons best known to it and the folks at Googleland) ceased crawling this blog altogether on the 14th of August! The inexplicable deceleration of the Googlebot crawl rate to absolute cessation (notwithstanding the fact that I'm posting sizable original content on a daily basis) leads me to believe that the bot has been manually re-scripted to restrict its crawl rate of this site (at this point it is not crawling the blog at all) which resulted in my Princess Diana Blog falling right off the SERPs!

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