Monday, August 13, 2007

Princess Diana Death: An Interesting Turn Of Events!

Princess Diana Crash: All Roads Lead To The Embassy!
As the white Fiat Uno screeched away from the scene of the crash in the Point d'Alma tunnel, hot on its tail was another white car, a Mercedes. The getaway of both these cars cuaght the attention of Gary Hunter, a London based lawyer who was in a room on the 3rd floor of the Royal Alma Hotel. In his own words this is what he ahd to say: "My own feeling is that these people were in a hurry not to be there. I am confident that car was getting off the scene. It was obvious they were getting away from something and that they were in a hurry. It looked quite sinister."

Why Didn't The Fiat Uno Speed Away Along The Freeway

As the two cars sped away they did a most unusual thing. Instead of hightailing it as fast as possible along the freeway and putting as much distance between themselves and the wrecked Mercedes S280 in the tunnel, they executed a high speed tire-screeching turn to proceed along rue Jean Goujean!

A Straight Path To The British Embassy!
Interestingly enough that u-turn the two vehicles made put them on the fastest and shortest route from the Point d'Alma tunnel to the British Embassy located just six blocks away! But why would fleeing suspects head in, what for all intents and purposes, appears to be an illogical direction?

Contingency Plan In The Event Of Vehicular Damage.
Undoubtedly the brains behind the road traffic assassination of Princess Diana must have considered the possibility that any of their cars involved in setting up the crash might incur damage during execution of the faked accident. In the event that happened they'd obviously have set up a contingency plan, which may explain why the Fiat Uno was headed in the direction of the British Embassy.

If, as much circumstantial evidence suggests, MI6 was involved in the murder of Princess Diana then it would make perfect sense for the damaged Fiat Uno to seek refuge at the British Embassy until The Heat (police activity) had simmered down! That would be the last place that anybody would think of looking…at least for a while until inconsistencies started cropping up.

Fiat Uno Found By Al Fayed Investigatory Team
The Fiat Uno was eventually located by Mohamed Al Fayed's (Dodi's dad) private snooping. Where the full might of the French authorities had failed, Mohamed Al fayed succeeded…but I guess unlike the French police Al Fayed was highly motivated and it didn't hurt that he had very deep pockets to reinforce that motivation!

The Fiat Uno had been repainted and was up for sale at the time it was located. The car had indeed belonged to soon-to-be-murdered paparazzi Jean-Paul Andanson at the time of Dodi Fayed's and Princess Diana's death. Although French police had questioned Andanson about his white Fiat Uno early on in the official investigation, they were soons satisfied that his was not the car involved in the crash.

The French police's quick elimination of Andanson as a suspect was all the more surprising because Andanson had embarked on some pretty suspicious movement around the time of the crash and his only alibi removing him from proximity to the crime scene was a gasoline purchase receipt reflecting that he was in another part of France at the time of the accident.

Forensic evidence of paint scratch traces irrefutably put his white Fiat Uno at the scene of the crime!

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