Monday, June 25, 2007

Princess Diana: WOW! Why Did It Take 2 Hours To Get Her To Hospital Only 3.25 Miles Away!

Most of us commoners are well aware that VIPs (Very Important Person(s)) get far better care and treatment than we do.

Take the instance of Paris Hilton in the now notorious incident (sigh...what's new) where her family and friends were preferentially allowed to jump the queue at the jail in which she's atoning her sins so that they could see for themselves how well those orange prison stripes complimented her pale complexion; conveniently bypassing people who'd been waiting on line upwards of 4 hours to see their loved ones.

NOTE: Paris Hilton is not a Very Important Person (as she'd like to think) but rather a Very Irritating Person hence the VIP status!

But I'm sure you get the point I am trying to get across: Celebrities, Heads of State and Royalty are normally accorded preferential and special treatment. Which brings me to the main point of this post:


The night she died Princess Diana was en route to hospital (and thus access to intensive care treatment that would have saved her life) for a whopping two hours! The hospital was a mere 3.25 miles away!

It Takes The Average Person 1 Hour To Walk A Distance Of 5 Miles!
3.25 you know how short that distance is?

It takes the average person 1 hour at a leisurely pace to walk a distance of 5 miles. Yet here we have the authorities taking their sweet-ole-time to get the critically injured mother of the future King of England to a hospital that was a mere 3.25 miles away.

And as if that wasn't enough would you believe that the ambulance carrying Princess Diana bypassed a couple or so nearer hospitals to get to the one in which she eventually died. The final bizarre straw to the perplexing events of that tragic night of August 31, 1997 was how when the ambulance FINALLY got to the hospital IT STOPPED FOR ANOTHER 10 MINUTES OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL GATES!

One can only wonder what in heavens name were they doing in that ambulance?

Were they literally allowing Princess Diana to hemorrhage (bleed) to death? After all that was the official explanation for her death: that Princess Diana died from massive internal bleeding!

But let's just get back to the snail's pace that the ambulance took that night; maybe the ambulance had good reason to crawl slower than your average toddler!

Perhaps there was a lot of traffic snarling the Paris roads that night?

It's possible, but guess what? That actually wasn't the case! And even if there had been a lot of traffic, what of it?

They were transporting the Princess of Wales (or at least used to be) for gods sake! And though the House of Windsor may have stripped her of the title "Princess of Wales" the one title they could not relieve her of was: Mother of The Future King of England!

Surely for that fact alone Diana warranted expedited delivery to hospital!

In fact the usual case is to chopper (take by helicopter) a person of Princess Diana's status immediately to hospital. Diana was not even taken to the best equipped hospital that VIPs are normally rushed to in Paris and that particular hospital was less than five minutes away by helicopter and less than 20 minutes away by car; don't forget it took them 2 hours to eventually get her to hospital.

The authorities cited a number of pathetic reasons why it took so long to get the Princess to hospital foremost of which was the one where they said "Oh in France the ambulances are equipped with intensive care units with life saving equipment so usually such measures are conducted there first" (note: those aren't the exact words but the general gist of the official explanation at the time).

Well anyway it sure looks like those measures failed miserably!

But honestly that explanation is a load of premium crap! The more plausible explanation is that they (whoever was behind the plot) could not risk Diana getting to an uncontrolled environment such as a public hospital before she'd reached the point of no return; in other words to the critical medical point where nobody...not even the best surgeons in the world could save her life!

This aspect is just one of the many very disturbing incidents surrounding the untimely death of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul on that fateful night of August 31, 1997!

Princess Diana Assassination continued


Anonymous said...

It took 2 hrs because she was PINNED IN THE CAR! they also tried to do imediate care at the scene in order to stabalize her before transport. How about actually reading the official report before you post dribble like this. besides who gives a shit. it's old news, get a life.

Max said...

I don't see what makes Princess Diana that different from Paris Hilton. The English monarchy is a powerless organization. Paris' family has a similar amount of money, and Paris is just as interesting, in her own way.

Anonymous said...

actually the hiltons have a lot more money than the royals here in britain all there houses and even the crown jewls are state owned. PS paris is just annyoing not intresting

K.K. B said...

THE OFFICIAL REPORT said it was because she was pinned down that's why it took so long eh?

Hmmm...yeah those are the best reports to believe!

Just like THE OFFICIAL REPORT stated that there were plenty of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) to be found in Iraq...

...of course when that doesn't work manufacture evidence like the Uranium Scandal where BB (Bush 'n'Blair) and their cohorts tried to bolster their claims of WMDs by stating that there was irrefutable evidence that Irag under Saddam skilled guidance had imported weapons grade uranium from Niger.

Unfortunately for them they didn't do their home work properly (i.e., sloppy intelligence cover up) such that the U.N. publicly refuted and provided concrete evidence that their claims of uranium importation were just another bogus fabrication.

The fallout? The Bush Admin. leaked the name of the CIA covert agent who contradicted their claims! It's also the reason why good ole Scooter is going to prison!

Yeah I just love official reports don't you?

I really loved the lone gunman theory in the JFK assassination too despite clear evidence on The Zapruder Film showing JFK's head snapping back following the fatal gunshot and his brains splattering backwards onto the trunk (boot) of the car (which means at least one shot came from the front...The Officially recognized lone gunman (Lee Harvey Oswald) supposedly did his shooting from behind!

Let's hear it for The Official Report...Hip Hip...Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Let her RIP. It's over and no one cares any more

Anonymous said...

so what do paris hilton and wmds in iraq have to do with the late princess diana?? it IS true that paramedics are supposed to stabilize people for transport so that they can be taken safely to a hospital to be treated. but like the last person said, let it rest.

Anonymous said...

Let her RIP?
Okay then, as you as you dumbass American let the whole "twin tower" disaster RIP instead of bringing up new "theories" every 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Who cares for christ's sake, she's dead end of

Why did Princess Diana cross the road?

Because she wasn't wearing a seatbelt

Anonymous said...

Well what can I say, 'someone' wants her dead, and thats what happened. You cant expect the general public to know what really happened, coz that will never happen. In essence, you will just have to believe what 'they' have to say was the true reason behind her death. OH btw, support new terrorism laws, then maybe one day the bush administration can call u a terrorist when they blacklist you and search urself and ur house without any authorisation.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Conspiracy Theorist, go hang yourself before they come for you. No, seriously, you are on to something here. Next why not investigate the Caramilk secret eh?

Anonymous said...

wow u guys r abunch of kids and dont no wot going on in the world today. Princess Diana was killed by the people she loved.. and all because Princess Diana a English White Women that wanted to marry a Outsider From England that why they where so long to get to a hospital and that y they did save her life.... No More Said No More Gained .........

Anonymous said...

"the U.N. publicly refuted and provided concrete evidence"

... in THEIR "official report" right?

And have you actually SEEN the Zapruder film? The spray is in FRONT of Kennedy's face. Since you can't seem to understand simple things like this I'll explain it to you. Spray in front = exit wound in front = bullet came from behind Kennedy.

K.K. B said...

Actually it's obvious that you don't understand the simple laws of physics and what went down in Dealey Plaza.

1) First let's deal with that spray in th front aspect: The conspiracy goes that there was more than one least one from behind and another in front. The bullet from behind could explain the spray in front! However that is not obviously think that an entry impact does not result in any spray .

NEWSFLASH! Ever wonder why investigators check for blood on a suspect's clothes even though the huge spray pattern may be behind plastered on the wall following the path of the exit wound.

DUH...they check because there is a blood spray pattern at the entry point of impact and if the assailant is close enough that blood will hit them too!

Second Yes I have seen the actual Zapruder footage (there is actually more than one...see apparently the FBI got their hands on the footage given to the media in 1963 (forgotten whom exactly) and that was the doctored footage.

However t'would appear that the original copy was retained and hidden to avoid such an event and is readily viewable in the Oliver Stone movie JFK which was the 1st platform where it could readily be viewable to the public but now you can readily view it on YouTube (I have inserted a link on the right entitled Zapruder footage)

Third It is evident that the fatal shot in the footage comes from in front. If you notice carefully you'll see JFK clutching his throat before that shot. Why? Because he has already been shot from behind and he slumps against Jackie O who realizes something is wrong; but that shot in of itself was not the fatal shot it was the one from in front.

JFK's head very clearly snaps back from the bullet from in front...and yes there's a spray of matter (brain tissue, skull fragments, skin and hair + blood) at the point of impact).

Oh and lastly but not least the reason Jackie O jumps onto the trunk of the car is to grab the head tissue that was propelled backwards by the bullet from in front!

I rest my case!

Anonymous said...

My word how can ppl say things like that she was a complete LADY clearly you ppl r self centered n i think u shud keep ur PATHETIC lil coments2urself!!!

Chanel said...

U ppl r makin me sick rather do research 1st n than u can say wat u want.. U ppl have ntg beta2do than to say things lyk this REALLY its CHILDISH!!!! GROW UP

Anonymous said...

Errrr...I think you guys should go back to school and brush up on your grammar..."howe abut dat fore a sugestion eh?"

Anonymous said...

Diana was not pinned down by the wreckage of the car as we were made to fact at one point they tried to sell the yarn that they had to get past the bulletproof shielding of the Mercedes. That was another big lie...this particular Mercedes (Merc S280) was not bullet proofed;it was the heavier S600 that they'd been riding in that wwas bullet proofed!

Kayami said...

Wow, i can't believe i just read this crap for ten minutes, diana's death is fishy i give you that but no one will ever know the actual truth..... Keep researching, i love consiracies...

Anonymous said...

Very Suspicious circumstances. I do not have a "Theory" but I have no reason the accept the "official" version of events. The motives are exceptionally strong. The marriage of the Mother of the future King of England to a haughty rich Muslim from Egypt? Not gonna happen. Never gonna happen. That is not a theory and we all know it. If this was just an accident, it was a very convenient one.

Anonymous said...

She was murdered so charles could go back with camila since he already had what he needed, kids, at least that is what I think. Just my ¨theory¨.

jp g said...

I don't believe the crash and the 2 hours it took to drive 3.25 miles was an accident. I think it was planned. The Royal Family hated Diana and didn't keep it a secret. Her life was in jeopardy for a while. The fact is governments lie all the time. There is a lot more behind Princess Diana's death just like there is a whole lot more behind 9/11.

Anonymous said...

She said months before her death that "someone" had planned a car accident for her with brake failure, and she was afraid. Who says that out of the blue and then it comes true unless there is a reason?

Anonymous said...

Camilla looks like a horse

Anonymous said...

Yes they do care you fool!

Anonymous said...

You are a creep!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of all you dumb idiots - you have no idea how horrible this tragedy was you probably weren't even born - stupid trolls get a life!