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Princess Diana Death: A Very Bizarre Break-In

Princess Diana Crash: Dead Paparazzi's Offices Burgled!
Almost exactly one month after Jean Paul Andanson's burnt body was discovered, on June 16, 2000 a rather strange break-in took place at the Paris offices of The Sipa Press Agency; which coincidentally happened to be the office where Andanson worked at the time of his death.

The break-in was remarkable for the fact its duration was a staggering 3 hours! (Yeah...yeah…I know, I evidently love that word staggering). This is how it went down:

On June 16, 2000 three masked and armed men shot the security guard at the Sipa Paris offices in the foot (at least they were considerate about the whole collateral damage issue) before storming the interior of the building. Sipa is a 24-hour Press Agency so you can bet that there were people at the office! Matter of fact, there were, but this didn't faze the armed invaders at all; they went right ahead and proceeded to conduct their robbery with hostages on hand.

What Did The Robbers Steal?

The assailants quickly located a very specific number of offices out of the multitude within the premises (the Sipa Paris office had more than 200 employees) and quickly gathered a number of items which included cameras, laptops, and hard drives from various desktop computers. The men were methodical and highly organized; evidently this was no spur of the moment burglary and definitely not amateur time!

In spite of the time spent collecting their loot and containing the hostages, the men were always composed and apparently unconcerned about any intervention from the authorities. In fact one witness (hostage) later remarked that "It was as though the robbers worked for the government…they were absolutely unconcerned that they would get caught or that the police might come."

A number of other hostages concluded that these were no ordinary crooks and indeed accounts of their conduct within the Sipa offices would tend to corroborate such observations:

1. The men were highly organized and methodical and only restricted their search and gathering activities to specific offices;

2. Despite the extensive duration required to gather what they had gone to get, the men never showed any trace of concern that they might be interrupted by the authorities (hmmm…could they have been French Secret Service?); and

3. The items they left with had a common thread…they were devices used for taking images (cameras) or devices that could be used to store digital images (laptops and hard drives).

What Andanson Possessed Could Have Unraveled The Carefully Weaved Tapestry Of The Plot!

The very obvious and only conclusion that one can draw from this event is that the robbers wanted to get their hands on any photos that Andanson may have had concerning the crash that killed Princess Diana.

Quite possibly the theft from the other offices was merely a ruse to muddy the waters and divert attention from the fact that Andanson's office was the real target or perhaps the perpetrators were just covering all their bases by removing any and all hard drives where Andanson could have stored such images (i.e., on a colleague's or close friend's computer as insurance).

Just to reiterate:
1) Forensic evidence put Andanson's white Fiat Uno at the scene of the Paris crash (it was identified beyond any doubt as the car that clipped the Mercedes in the tunnel before screeching away);

2) A few days before his death Andanson had started mouthing off how he was in possession of sensational never-before-seen footage of the Diana crash.

3) Andanson's white Fiat Uno was indeed the car seen by several witnesses chasing Princess Diana's limousine into the tunnel before the crash, then seen speeding away from the tunnel after a loud bang.

All the evidence tends to suggest that Andanson was a big liability to the authors of the plot for it appeared he was in possession of very very compromising photos that could unthread the carefully crafted tapestry of the plot!

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Anonymous said...

I also read somewhere that the robbers were apparently not concerned at all whether any of the hostages called the police or not because several of them did and the police never bothered to respond!

Which to me suggests that indeed there was a definite correlation between the people executing the break-in and the French authorities. The fact that the police never bothered to respond makes me belief that the people involved in the robbery were higher up the food chain than your average everyday police!